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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Track Workout That Wasn't

I think by now it is a well-established fact that when a track workout is on the schedule I will somehow find a way to skip it. I only do track workouts when I am either
a. on a treadmill, or
b. have a sudden urge to do a Crossfit endurance workout.
  Other than that, I would much rather do a hill workout than spend my time endlessly speeding around the forsaken oval that caused me so much race anxiety in high school.
   So it would only make sense that I skipped this Tuesday's track workout in favor of buying new running shoes with my Mom, then going home and running a leisurely but enjoyable 5 miles. I switched back to my Brooks Pure Grit; the Brooks Trail Adrenaline was getting to heavy. So far I really like the Grit. It has a much lighter feel and I can definitely see the difference in my form when I wear those versus the Adrenaline.
   I also did a killer hill workout on the treadmill this week ending with 2 minutes of running at 10% incline. These hill workouts are part of my attempt to make my body somewhat ready for the Ultra I am planning on doing in November. It's a hilly, technical course, so I want to prepare my body for the incline.
   In other news, I bought more obnoxious running gear! Neon, of course, because I refuse to buy practical colors. Where's the fun in those?
    Stay tuned for tomorrow's rainy 12 miles around my neighborhood accompanied by an NPR podcast and, as always, my Cinnamon Gummie Bears.

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