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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Speedwork Smackdown

Today was Speedwork Tuesday. I was all excited to head to the track to sprint until I
A. Puked, or
B. Hit the exact times I was gunning for

But alas, the weather had a different idea. Thunderstorms were likely later on, so our coach told us to hit the treadmill and stay safe while we sprinted our butts off. The workout on paper didn't look too bad, but it was pretty killer. After the first 400 my legs were screaming "WHAT THE HELL?! We haven't gone this fast in months!!" and though I have actually been doing speedwork for a month now, at that moment it sure didn't feel like it.
By the second 1200 I was contemplating collapsing, vomiting, or, even worse, turning down the speed. Luckily I manned up and instead directed my attention to the horribly explicit Eminem song blasting in my ears and, when that ended, the mildly revolting Man vs. Food episode playing on my TV.

**Note to self: If you are feeling queasy, the last thing you should do is watch a man shove 2 pounds of spicy pulled pork down his throat. Even if pulled pork is your favorite food. Even if you have been craving it all week.

Still, I made it through the workout, and though I didn't hit my exact times, I know I'm improving, getting faster, and can now successfully rap all of the words to Eminem's "Without Me," (though I don't think I'll be doing it when my Mama is around. Somehow I don't think she would appreciate me yelling lyrics discussing ejaculating on someone's chest... Just speculating..).

Stay tuned for Tempo Thursday, when I run around my obnoxiously hilly neighborhood in an outfit so ridiculous that if I don't get any honks or catcalls, I don't consider it a successful run. Because if I'm going to be speeding along at an almost-uncomfortable pace, I'm going to look damn good while doing it.

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