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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cinnamon Bears.. The Greatest Gummie Invention Ever

  10 miles on the notoriously hilly reservoir roads nearby. Did I survive? Yes! Did I thrive? Yes! Was it, then, a success? Yes!
   The rain that was forecasted for Saturday morning thankfully turned into sunshine by the time the run started, and for once the humidity was nowhere to be found. It was the first day since March that I have not felt like I was running in an oven and breathing in lentil soup, which automatically made the run more enjoyable. These feelings were only heightened after a glance at the lake. It is my favorite lake in Maryland, one that I skipped rocks on and splashed around in as a kid. That morning it had a slight mist on top that only happens on the most perfect late summer and early fall mornings.
   Saturday's run was the best run I have had all summer, maybe all year. I fell in with two of the other women in my training group and spent the better part of the run swapping stories about running, family, and school. You know you have some good people to run with when the silence in between these conversations does not feel empty and awkward, but rather comfortable and contemplative. Powering up the hills surrounding the dam was a kind of fun I had almost forgotten about until that day, and I didn't realize until I reached the top how much I have missed early morning runs. Sure, getting up and seeing the clock read 5:30 isn't exactly on the top of my Favorite Things list, but the early morning wake up call is worth the delight I feel soaking in my ice bath with some hot coffee after a long, slow, enjoyable morning run where I can listen to my breath, smell the twinge of fall in the trees, and eat cheap candy. Because OHMYGOSH were those Cinnamon Gummie Bears delicious. They are the only things that I have ingested on the run that do not send my stomach reeling in protest, and they are a heck of a lot cheaper than gels (because yes I care about the .75 cents I now save on gels. It adds up to at least an extra cup of bagel shop coffee on Saturdays, which is possibly the best part of my weekend).
   The fantastic morning continued into a fantastic day filled with Chipotle tacos (SO GOOD. GET THEM!), a nap, and an evening viewing of a local production of Hairspray starring my mama's coworker among other extremely talented volunteer actors.
    Next up is Tuesday's track work... ick.

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